Round tubes

Alloy 6060 Uni EN 573-3 - bars 6 meters long

external diameter and thickness external diameter and thickness external diameter and thickness external diameter and thickness
mm. 5x1
mm. 6x1
mm. 7x1
mm. 8x1
mm. 8x1,5
mm. 8x2
mm. 9x1
mm. 10x1
mm. 10x1,5
mm. 10x2
mm. 12x1
mm. 12x1,5
mm. 12x2
mm. 12x3
mm. 13x1,5
mm. 13x2
mm. 14x1
mm. 14x2 
mm. 14x3,5
mm. 15x1
mm. 15x1,5
mm. 15x2
mm. 16x1
mm. 16x1,5
mm. 16x2
mm. 18x1
mm. 18x1,5
mm. 18x2
mm. 18x3
mm. 20X1
mm. 20x1,5
mm. 20x2
mm. 20x2,5
mm. 20x3
mm. 20x5
mm. 22X1 
mm. 22X1,5
mm. 22X2
mm. 22X2,7
mm. 22X3
mm. 25X1
mm. 25X1,5
mm. 25X2
mm. 25X3
mm. 25X5
mm. 26X1
mm. 26X1,5
mm. 27x2
mm. 27x3
mm. 28x1
mm. 28x1,5
mm. 28x2
mm. 28x2,5
mm. 30X1
mm. 30X1,5
mm. 30X2
mm. 30X2,5
mm. 30X3 
mm. 30X5
mm. 30X6
mm. 32X1
mm. 32X1,5
mm. 32X2
mm. 32X3
mm. 32X5
mm. 35X1
mm. 35X1,5
mm. 35X2
mm. 35X2,5
mm. 35X3
mm. 35X3,5
mm. 35X4
mm. 35X5
mm. 38X1,5
mm. 38X2
mm. 38X3
mm. 40x1
mm. 40X1,5
mm. 40x2
mm. 40x2,5
mm. 40X3
mm. 40X4
mm. 40X10
mm. 42X3
mm. 42X5
mm. 45X1,50
mm. 45X2
mm. 45X5
mm. 45X10
mm. 48X3
mm. 48X3,5
mm. 48X5
mm. 50x1
mm. 50x1,5
mm. 50x2
mm. 50x2,5
mm. 50x3
mm. 50x4 
mm. 50x5
mm. 55x7,5
mm. 50x10
mm. 50x15
mm. 55x2,5
mm. 55x2
mm. 55x5
mm. 55x7,5
mm. 55x15
mm. 60X1
mm. 60x2
mm. 60x3
mm. 60x4
mm. 60x5
mm. 60x10
mm. 63x1,5
mm. 65x1
mm. 65x2 
mm. 65x2,5
mm. 70X1
mm. 70X1,5
mm. 70X2
mm. 70X3
mm. 70X4
mm. 70X5
mm. 70X7,5
mm. 70X10
mm. 70X15
mm. 75x5
mm. 75X12,5
mm. 80x1,5
mm. 80x2
mm. 80x3
mm. 80x5
mm. 80x6
mm. 80x10
mm. 80x20
mm. 85X2
mm. 85X2,5
mm. 90x2
mm. 90x3
mm. 90x5
mm. 100x2
mm. 100x2,5
mm. 100x3
mm. 100x5
mm. 100x10
mm. 100x12,5
mm. 110x2,5 
mm. 110x2
mm. 110x3
mm. 110x5
mm. 120x3
mm. 120x8
mm. 120x10
mm. 120x5
mm. 130x2.5
mm. 130x5
mm. 130x10
mm. 130x25
mm. 140x10
mm. 140x20
mm. 140x5
mm. 150x10
mm. 150x2
mm. 150x3
mm. 150x5
mm. 160x5
mm. 190x3
mm. 200x3
mm. 200x10
mm. 200x20
mm. 210x10

The 6060 alloy is mainly used for alluminum  tubes and tubulars producing in Italy and Europe.The fisical states T5 and T6 are available on stoke. Other types of fisical states are provided upon request.

Upon request the 6082, 5754 tubulars and other alloys can be extruded. The tubulars available on stoke are raugh and  6 meters long. Can be provided upon request pre-painted materials with lengths required. 

The tubular alloy 6060 is widely used in building, mechanics and furnishing. 


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