Our Mission

The main aspirations of our company is to win the loyalty of our clients, to grow with them, strenghening both; to keep up with the times and continuously changing demands of the market. 

In recent  years our core  business is mainly  focused on light alloys, stainless and special steels; immediate  availability of  such non-ferrous metals as brass, copper and bronze; together with tin, lead and lead alloys; plastic materials.

Besides the semi-finished products  marketing as rods, tubes, plates and sheets we have started to implement on-site machining  on metals such as large-size bars cutting, sheet and plate cutting with the help of both disk or sow cutting equipment intended for expand the range of services provided to our clients.

Our transport service, carried out with our own vehicles or in cooperation  with authorised transporters will ensure all deliveries are made on time.

Our operating staff, consists of serious and higly qualified people, is  able to assist you and to meet all your demands.


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