Full claws and empty claws

OT58 - 4 meters about long bars

width, height and thickness  width, height and thickness width, height and thickness 

width, height and thickness 

Full Claws

mm. 5x10x1,2
mm. 5x13x1,3
mm. 7x13x1,3
mm. 7x15x1,3
mm. 7x18x1,3
Full Claws

mm. 7x20x1,3
mm. 7x22x1,3
mm. 7x25x1,3
mm. 7x30x1,3
mm. 7x33x1,3
Empty Claws

mm. 8x20x1,3
mm. 10x25x1,3
mm. 10x30x1,3
Empty Claws

mm. 10x40x1,3
mm. 10x50x2
mm. 12x25x1,7

Upon request it is possible to provide other standard measures or non-standard measures for reasonable quantities. 


under costruction

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