Flat bars

Aisi 304/304L - Aisi 316/316L - cut to shears or hot rolled or drawn - bars long 4 or 6 meters

Measures Measures Measures Measures
mm. 10x3
mm. 10x4
mm. 10x5
mm. 10x6
mm. 15x3
mm. 15x4
mm. 15x5
mm. 15x6
mm. 15x8
mm. 15x10
mm. 20x3
mm. 20x4
mm. 20x5
mm. 20x6
mm. 20x8
mm. 20x10
mm. 20x12
mm. 20x15
mm. 25x3
mm. 25x4
mm. 25x5
mm. 25x6
mm. 25x8
mm. 25x10
mm. 25x12
mm. 25x15
mm. 25x20
mm. 30x3
mm. 30x4
mm. 30x5
mm. 30x6
mm. 30x8
mm. 30x10
mm. 30x12
mm. 30x15
mm. 30x20
mm. 30x25
mm. 35x3
mm. 35x4
mm. 35x5
mm. 35x6
mm. 35x8
mm. 35x10
mm. 35x12
mm. 35x15
mm. 35x20
mm. 35x25
mm. 40x3
mm. 40x4
mm. 40x5
mm. 40x6
mm. 40x8
mm. 40x10
mm. 40x12
mm. 40x15
mm. 40x20
mm. 40x25
mm. 40x30 
mm. 45x3
mm. 45x4
mm. 45x5
mm. 45x6
mm. 45x8
mm. 45x10
mm. 45x12
mm. 45x15
mm. 45x20
mm. 45x25
mm. 45x30
mm. 50x3
mm. 50x4
mm. 50x5
mm. 50x6
mm. 50x8
mm. 50x10
mm. 50x12
mm. 50x15
mm. 50x20
mm. 50x25
mm. 50x30
mm. 50x35
mm. 50x40
mm. 60x3
mm. 60x4
mm. 60x5
mm. 60x6
mm. 60x8
mm. 60x10
mm. 60x12
mm. 60x15
mm. 60x20
mm. 60x25
mm. 60x30
mm. 60x35
mm. 60x40 
mm. 70x4
mm. 70x5
mm. 70x6
mm. 70x8
mm. 70x10
mm. 70x12
mm. 70x15
mm. 70x20
mm. 70x25
mm. 70x30
mm. 70x35
mm. 70x40
mm. 70x50
mm. 80x4
mm. 80x5
mm. 80x6
mm. 80x8
mm. 80x10
mm. 80x12
mm. 80x15
mm. 80x20
mm. 80x25
mm. 80x30
mm. 80x35
mm. 80x40
mm. 80x50
mm. 90x5
mm. 90x6
mm. 90x8
mm. 90x10
mm. 90x12
mm. 90x15
mm. 90x20
mm. 90x25
mm. 90x30
mm. 90x35
mm. 90x40
mm. 100x5
mm. 100x6
mm. 100x8
mm. 100x10
mm. 100x12
mm. 100x15
mm. 100x20
mm. 100x25
mm. 100x30
mm. 100x35
mm. 100x40
mm. 100x50
mm. 120x5
mm. 120x6
mm. 120x8
mm. 120x10
mm. 120x12
mm. 120x15
mm. 120x20
mm. 120x25
mm. 120x30
mm. 120x35
mm. 120x40
mm. 120x50
mm. 150x5
mm. 150x6
mm. 150x8
mm. 150x10
mm. 150x12
mm. 150x15
mm. 150x20
mm. 150x25
mm. 200x8
mm. 200x10
mm. 200x15
mm. 200x20

The measures indicated are those commonly managed in stock.
For sheared plate means material obtained by shearing. The edges are wavy. The standard length is from 4 meters but can also be supplied at 6 meters.
Laminated plate means material obtained by rolling in a steel mill, for which it is subject to tolerances typical of the rolling mill. The length of the bars varies from 5 meters to 6.5 meters
The drawn plate, having undergone the drawing process after rolling, has very specific tolerances that make it precise and definitely more expensive than other finishes. The standard length is 3 / 3.5 meters.
The flat bar can also be easily obtained from sheet metal cutting using plasma and band saw. Therefore, the indicated list can easily be expanded with the measures you want.


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