Round tubes

Aisi 304 and Aisi 316 round tube welded - Bars long 6 meters

external diameter and thickness external diameter and thickness external diameter and thickness external diameter and thickness

mm. 6x1

mm. 8x1

mm. 10x1

mm. 10x1,5

mm. 12x1

mm. 12x1,5

mm. 12x2

mm. 14x1

mm. 14x1,2

mm. 14x1,5

mm. 14x2

mm. 15x1

mm. 15x1,5

mm. 15x2

mm. 16x1

mm. 16x1,2

mm. 16x1,5

mm. 16x2

mm. 17,2x1,5

mm. 17,2x1,6

mm. 17,2x2

mm. 18x1

mm. 18x1,2

mm. 18x1,5

mm. 18x2

mm. 19x1

mm. 19x1,2

mm. 19x1,5

mm. 19,05x1,2

mm. 19,05x1,5

mm. 19,05x1,6

mm. 19,05x2

mm. 20x1

mm. 20x1,2

mm. 20x1,5

mm. 20x2

mm. 21,3x1

mm. 21,3x1,2

mm. 21,3x1,5

mm. 21,3x2

mm. 21,3x2,5

mm. 21,3x2,6

mm. 21,3x3

mm. 22x1

mm. 22x1,2

mm. 22x1,5

mm. 22x2

mm. 23x1

mm. 23x1,5

mm. 25x1

mm. 25x1,2

mm. 25x1,5

mm. 25x2

mm. 25x2,5

mm. 25x3

mm. 25,4x1,2

mm. 25,4x1,5

mm. 25,4x1,6

mm. 25,4x2

mm. 26,9x1,2

mm. 26,9x1,5

mm. 26,9x1,6

mm. 26,9x2

mm. 26,9x2,5

mm. 26,9x3

mm. 28x1

mm. 28x1,2

mm. 28x1,5

mm. 28x2

mm. 29x1,5

mm. 30x1

mm. 30x1,2

mm. 30x1,5

mm. 30x2

mm. 30x2,5

mm. 30x3

mm. 32x1

mm. 32x1,2

mm. 32x1,5

mm. 32x2

mm. 32x2,5

mm. 32x3

mm. 33x1,5

mm. 33,7x1,2

mm. 33,7x1,5

mm. 33,7x1,6

mm. 33,7x2

mm. 33,7x2,5

mm. 33,7x3

mm. 33,7x3,2

mm. 34x1

mm. 34x1,5

mm. 35x1

mm. 35x1,2

mm. 35x1,5

mm. 35x2

mm. 35x2,5

mm. 35x3

mm. 38x1

mm. 38x1,2

mm. 38x1,5

mm. 38x1,6

mm. 38x2

mm. 38x2,5

mm. 38x3

mm. 40x1

mm. 40x1,2

mm. 40x1,5

mm. 40x2

mm. 40x3

mm. 41x1,5

mm. 42,4x1,2

mm. 42,4x1,5

mm. 42,4x2

mm. 42,4x2,5

mm. 42,4x2,6

mm. 42,4x3

mm. 42,4x3,2

mm. 42,4x3,6

mm. 43x1,5

mm. 44,5x1,5

mm. 44,5x2

mm. 45x1

mm. 45x1,2

mm. 45x1,5

mm. 45x2

mm. 45x3

mm. 48,3x1,2

mm. 48,3x1,5

mm. 48,3x1,6

mm. 48,3x2

mm. 48,3x2,5

mm. 48,3x2,6

mm. 48,3x3

mm. 48,3x3,2

mm. 48,3x3,6

mm. 48,3x4

mm. 50x1,2

mm. 50x1,5

mm. 50x2

mm. 50x3

mm. 50,8x1,2

mm. 50,8x1,5

mm. 50,8x1,6

mm. 50,8x2

mm. 50,8x2,5

mm. 50,8x3

mm. 51x1,2

mm. 52x1

mm. 52x1,5

mm. 52x2

mm. 52x3

mm. 53x1,5

mm. 54x1,5

mm. 54x2

mm. 57x1,5

mm. 57x2

mm. 57x3

mm. 60,3x1,2

mm. 60,3x1,5

mm. 60,3x1,6

mm. 60,3x2

mm. 60,3x2,5

mm. 60,3x2,6

mm. 60,3x3

mm. 60,3x3,2

mm. 60,3x3,6

mm. 60,3x4

mm. 63,5x1,5

mm. 63,5x1,6

mm. 63,5x2

mm. 70x1,2

mm. 70x1,5

mm. 70x2

mm. 70x3

mm. 73x1,5

mm. 76,1x1,5

mm. 76,1x1,6

mm. 76,1x2

mm. 76,1x2,5

mm. 76,1x2,6

mm. 76,1x3,6

mm. 76,1x4

mm. 80x1,2

mm. 80x1,5

mm. 80x2

mm. 80x3

mm. 83x1,5

mm. 84x2

mm. 85x1,5

mm. 85x2

mm. 88,9x1,2

mm. 88,9x1,5

mm. 88,9x1,6

mm. 88,9x2

mm. 88,9x2,5

mm. 88,9x2,6

mm. 88,9x3

mm. 88,9x3,2

mm. 88,9x3,6

mm. 88,9x4

mm. 88,9x5

mm. 101,6x1,5

mm. 101,6x1,6

mm. 101,6x2

mm. 101,6x3

mm. 101,6x3,6

mm. 101,6x4

mm. 103x1,5

mm. 104x2

mm. 108x1,5

mm. 108x2

mm. 108x3

mm. 108x4

mm. 114,3x1,6

mm. 114,3x2

mm. 114,3x2,6

mm. 114,3x3,6

mm. 114,3x4

mm. 127x1,5

mm. 127x2

mm. 129x1,5

mm. 129x2

mm. 129x3

mm. 133x2

mm. 133x3

mm. 133x4

mm. 139,7x1,5

mm. 139,7x2

mm. 139,7x2,6

mm. 139,7x3

mm. 139,7x4

mm. 139,7x5

mm. 153x1,5

mm. 154x2

mm. 156x3

mm. 159x2

mm. 159x3

mm. 159x4

mm. 168,3x2

mm. 168,3x2,6

mm. 168,3x3

mm. 168,3x4

mm. 168,3x5

mm. 204x2

mm. 206x3

mm. 219,1x2

mm. 219,1x2,6

mm. 219,1x3

mm. 219,1x4

mm. 254x2

mm. 256x3

mm. 273x2

mm. 273x2,6

mm. 273x3

mm. 273x4

mm. 304x2

mm. 306x3

mm. 323,9x2

mm. 323,9x3

mm. 323,9x4

mm. 355,6x3

mm. 355,6x4

mm. 406,4x3

mm. 406,4x4

mm. 508x3

mm. 508x4

From food to transport, from decoration to structural use, from the conduction of fluids to heat exchangers, stainless steel round tubes are used in every type of industrial use.

The measurements shown are not the only measures produced by welded pipes. Sectors such as petrochemical, food industry, press fitting, are sectors regulated by dedicated regulations, which follow millimetric measures different from those reported above and often the external diameters are expressed in inches and the thicknesses in the schedule, as for the seamless tubes.

Obtained through the bending of ribbons, the stainless steel round tubes can be welded using three main methods:

- TIG (without filler metal)

- HF (high frequency induction


The choice of the welding method to be used according to the field of use of the tube is made, avoiding the most expensive choice if for example of sections of a tube for ornamental use. The Laser technology guarantees very high quality levels but is currently not used much as the plants are very expensive. The most economical welding process is Hf, which, although having excellent quality because it affects almost nothing the geometric and structural characteristic of the pipe, is generally used for ornamental uses. For the petrochemical and food sector, Tig welded pipes are generally used, thanks also to the absence of the welding bead removed after the fusion of the strips of the strip.

The tubes can be supplied with the following external appearance: Raw, Brushed, Satin in grained, Polished only external, Polished inside and outside. Most often, the Satin tube is used for furniture. The polished tube, especially in Aisi 316, is used on boats for rails and ladders or even for balustrades or parapets. The internal and external Polished tube follows specific regulations as it is used most in the food sectors for the transport of fluids.

On request, the pipes can be produced in different lengths, as per customer's needs.


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