Ot58 Hard - Uni En 12167 Drown - 3 meters long bers

thickness and width thickness and width thickness and width thickness and width
mm. 2X4
mm. 2x5
mm. 2X6
mm. 2X8
mm. 2X10
mm. 2X12
mm. 2X15
mm. 2X18
mm. 2X20
mm. 2X25
mm. 2X30
mm. 2X35
mm. 2X40
mm. 2X45
mm. 2X50
mm. 2X60
mm. 2X70
mm. 2X80
mm. 2X100
mm. 3X5
mm. 3X6
mm. 3X10
mm. 3X12
mm. 3X15
mm. 3X20
mm. 3X22
mm. 3X25
mm. 3X30
mm. 3X35
mm. 3X40
mm. 3X45
mm. 3X50
mm. 3X60
mm. 3X70
mm. 3X80
mm. 3X90
mm. 3X100
mm. 3X120
mm. 4X6
mm. 4X8 
mm. 4x10 
mm. 4x15
mm. 4X20
mm. 4X25
mm. 4X30
mm. 4X35
mm. 4X40
mm. 4X50
mm. 4x60
mm. 4X70
mm. 4X80
mm. 5X8
mm. 5X10
mm. 5X12
mm. 5X15
mm. 5X18
mm. 5X20
mm. 5X25
mm. 5X30
mm. 5X35
mm. 5X40
mm. 5X45
mm. 5X50
mm. 5X60
mm. 5X70
mm. 5X80
mm. 5X90
mm. 5X100
mm. 5X120
mm. 6X8
mm. 6X10
mm. 6X12
mm. 6X15
mm. 6X20
mm. 6X22
mm. 6X25
mm. 6X30
mm. 6X40
mm. 6X45
mm. 6X50
mm. 6X60
mm. 6X70
mm. 6x80
mm. 6x100
mm. 6x120
mm. 6X150
mm. 7X18
mm. 7X60
mm. 7X70
mm. 7X80
mm. 8X10
mm. 8X12
mm. 8X15
mm. 8X20
mm. 8X25
mm. 8X30
mm. 8X40
mm. 8X45
mm. 8X50
mm. 8X60
mm. 8X70
mm. 8X80
mm. 8X100
mm. 8X120
mm. 10X15
mm. 10X20
mm. 10X25
mm. 10X30
mm. 10X40
mm. 10X50
mm. 10X60
mm. 10X70
mm. 10X80
mm. 10X100
mm. 10X120
mm. 10X150
mm. 10X200
mm. 10X250
mm. 12X20
mm. 12X25
mm. 12X35
mm. 12X50
mm. 12X60
mm. 12x70
mm. 12x80
mm. 12x100
mm. 12X120
mm. 15X20
mm. 15X25
mm. 15X30
mm. 15X35
mm. 15X40
mm. 15X45
mm. 15X50
mm. 15X60
mm. 15X80
mm. 15X100
mm. 15X150
mm. 20X25
mm. 20X30
mm. 20X35
mm. 20X40
mm. 20X50
mm. 20X60
mm. 20X80
mm. 20X100
mm. 20X150
mm. 25X30
mm. 25X40
mm. 25X60
mm. 25X80
mm. 30x40
mm. 30X50
mm. 30X60
mm. 30X70
mm. 30X80
mm. 30X100
mm. 30X150
mm. 35X50
mm. 35X70
mm. 40X45
mm. 40X60
mm. 40X70
mm. 40X80
mm. 50x60
mm. 50x100
mm. 60x70
mm. 60x100
mm. 60x120


If the thickness of the flat bar is more than one tenth of its width applyes the Article 74  wich permits the VAT exempt purchaising. The rods available in   our store are squared corners. We provide rounded both  edges or sides .   Not all the measures listed are drown. According to the measurement and  type of producer are provided drown, laminated or extruded flat rods. The measure list is approximate. It is possible to provide non-standard measures on request. The flat rods OT58  are used in the furniture sector, the electricity industry and components in general.

The OT58 is the most common alloy for  lathe turning  becouse of its easily removable  short chips and  optimal lead concentration that permit to reduce the single detail heating during the machining. This alloy can be used in all areas from small mechanical items production in general to finished objects, from taps to fittings and components in general.


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