Alloy 5754

thickness, width and length thickness, width and length thickness, width and length thickness, width and length
mm. 4,0x1000x2000
mm. 4,0x1250x2500
mm. 4,0x1500x3000
mm. 5,0x1000x2000
mm. 5,0x1250x2500
mm. 5,0x1500x3000
mm. 5,0x2000x4000

The measures indicated are those commonly managed in stock. To the thickness should be added pattern height mm. 1.5 according to EN 1386 regulations.
The tread plates is mainly used for the flooring of walkways, stairs, vehicles, ships, airplanes. Thanks to the design with 5 alternating strips, it guarantees a considerable anti-slip protection. It does not require any surface treatment as it is resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents. We manage both the 1050 and 3105 alloys at the same time, just because some companies produce one alloy rather than the other and since the visual, chemical and mechanical characteristics can be considered equal, one or the other alloy can be considered equivalent.
On request we can also supply plates with 1 almond and 2 almonds. In addition we also provide diamond almonds, typical of the vehicles of the armed forces!


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